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TR112: Good Distribution Practice - Taster Course (TR112)

about the course

Good Distribution Practice (GDP) deals with the relevant Regulations, Directives and guidelines for the proper distribution (procurement, storage, supply and export) of medicinal products for human use.

The GDP Taster gives a flavour of what a learner would experience in choosing a GDP e-Learning course from GXP Training. This free course will include an introduction to the content of some of our GDP courses, including the Virtual Wholesaling module from the Fundamental course and the Cold Chain module from the Advanced course. The user will gain the confidence to select the correct GDP e-Learning course for them.

Our GDP courses allow learners to delve into an introductory, refresher and full course modules at their own pace and gain the necessary skills from RP training. After each course the participant will receive the relevant GDP Participation Certificate. The GDP Taster allows the learner to gain an insight into our modules from introductory and refresher modules, including video tutorials and our assessment questions for each tutorial.
  • Module 1 - Introduction & Welcome
  • GDP 1 - Introduction to GDP video
  • Module 5 - Virtual Wholesaling
  • GDP 5 - Virtual Wholesaling video tutorial
  • Module 10 - Cold Chain
  • GDP 10 - Cold Chain video tutorial
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed